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In a world where the gods have been used for profit, Shastri Lal feels the only way to help her community is to make a pilgrimage of sacrifice. Tearing down false idols, Lal offers the powers she has been given back to the gods.

This is the first level of a metroidvania where your powers are sacrificed as you progress, making each trial more difficult than the last.


E: Attack, hold E with bow to charge your attack
Q: Switch weapon
Shift: Activate shield
Arrow keys: Move
Space: Jump


Attacking cost life. 
Shield cost life.
Killing ennemies steal life from them.


2D Artist: Mmg28rtt - Twitter
2D Artist and animator: DantonSlip - Website | InstaTwitter | itch.io

Game designer: Nic

Game designer and programmer: AziizDev

Sound: Matthew Phoenix - Insta 
Sound: Ruud - Website 


Moksha.zip 38 MB

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